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7 Back to School Visual Marketing Ideas

books-colorful-harry-potter-medium-8.jpgWhile some students are still hitting the books, marketers are looking ahead to their next big visual marketing campaign opportunity. Believe it or not, successful brands are already thinking about preparing for back to school season!
By taking advantage of the spending boom with creative social media marketing campaigns, and putting your customers’ needs first, you too can help your business achieve social success.Getting a jumpstart on your competition will surely keep your brand top-of-mind when parents and students everywhere scramble to get ready for the first day of school. So, without further ado, let’s kick-start your brainstorming for back to school campaigns with a few of our favorite ideas below:
  1. Offer incentives, like coupons and promotions, to fans who participate in your visual marketing campaigns. When people know they’ll be rewarded for their efforts, they’ll be more excited to actively participate!

  2. Showcase chic back to school styles in a commerce gallery, making it easy for fans to find and buy what friends are wearing. By including conversion units on the side of each piece of content, consumers go from engaging with content to making a purchase with just a few clicks!

  3. Build excitement around your back-to-school sale on Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms. Encourage fans to share your offer for a chance to win a school supplies shopping spree!

  4. Find out which backpack kids are coveting more using Tug of War or a Leaderboard. Through this experience, your audience can vote for their favorite products via hashtag, which increases social sharing and overall consumer engagement. You can then use the valuable consumer insights you gain to inform your future promotional strategy.

  5. Leverage school spirit using a Referral campaign! Have college students throughout the nation go head to head with students from other schools to share why their campus is the best. Be sure to make the contest easy to enter, and offer an intriguing incentive for the winning school, such as a campus-wide concert with popular artists. Competitive fans will love the referral aspect that helps them get friends involved while increasing their chance of winning!

  6. Have fans share their hopes and dreams for their freshman year in a video contest to win free textbooks for the school year! By giving out a grand prize based on merit, you will ensure the submissions you receive are high quality, and can be re-used in your future visual marketing efforts.

  7. Quiz fans on college movie trivia for a chance to win an annual subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. People love procrastinating by taking online quizzes anyway, and if there’s a prize involved engagement will increase even more. Not to mention, prompting users with a simple form to reveal their results will provide your brand with actionable info about your consumers!

While these seven suggestions might have sparked some creativity for your brand, they are truly just the beginning. Our experts are here to personalize campaigns to your brand, and align experiences to your specific goals. Interested in more? Contact us today!

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