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Catherine Reyes

Catherine Reyes

Catherine Reyes is an Associate Product Manager at Wyng.

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What’s New at Wyng: Go Global with New Campaign Text Translation and Customization Features

By | on 18, Oct 2017 |   What's New

Ever wanted to quickly edit the text on a submission button to say “YAS KWEEN, ENTER” instead of “ENTER NOW” or received a last-minute request from a client to also launch a Spanish or French version [...]

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What’s New at Wyng: Increase Campaign Engagement with New Multi-Page Campaigns

By | on 05, Oct 2017 |   What's New

It is competitive out there, SUPER competitive. As a marketer, you are vying for your consumer’s attention in crowded spaces online and in busy social newsfeeds. Competing with daily Kardashian rumors[...]

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What’s New at Wyng: A New Click Button for Easy Sharing via Messaging Apps and SMS (and more!)

By | on 20, Sep 2017 |   What's New How tos

As you may know, we release new use cases, components and features every two weeks (on Wednesday!) as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver an innovative, easy to use platform for our agency and b[...]

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Video is Hot, But Co-Created Video Is the Real Payoff for Brands and Marketers

By | on 19, Sep 2017 |   What's New

From smartphones to tablets, desktops to wireless connected televisions, consumers are opting for video content over all other forms, and there is no sign that video will be slowing down anytime soon.