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Spenser Mestel

Spenser Mestel

Contributor to Huffington Post, Men's Health, Men's Fitness and Teen Vogue. Spenser Mestel lives in Brooklyn, freelances for a living, and is the resident blogger for his gym, CrossFit Virtuosity.

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Why the Original Snapchat Failed — And Why It Still Matters

By | on 25, Oct 2017 |   Wyng for Agencies Wyng for Brands

After her freshman year of college, Deirdre Mills was back home in New Jersey, playing around on her new Macbook. Using a just-released program, she and her younger brother were taking pictures and ch[...]

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The Agency Series: 10 Questions with Henson Consulting's Marcy Massura

By | on 05, Oct 2017 |   Wyng for Agencies Wyng Agency Series

A leader in both emerging media and mainstream marketing -- helping companies navigate the shifting digital landscape to develop smart, effective integrated engagement solutions, Marcy Massura is an i[...]

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The Agency Series: 10 Questions with Studio Brand Collective's Kathy Gonzalez-Rubio

By | on 12, Sep 2017 |   Wyng for Agencies

Creative and passionate about all things design, Kathy Gonzalez-Rubio is an Associate Creative Director at Creative8 Agency - a division of Studio Brand Collective. Kathy also happens to be our Wyng #[...]