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Campaign of the Week: 1,000 Dreams Fund’s #MyCollegeCosts Challenge

Concept: Launch a national campaign to support 1,000 Dreams’ goal to fund 1,000 real girls nationwide with scholarship funding

Objective: Raise national awareness for the “extra” college costs that many students must pay on top of their tuition and the 1,000 Dreams Fund

Digital Campaign Index (DCI) Score: 120

Use Case: Photo Lab

“There’s nothing more important than getting your education,” explained Michelle Obama in a speech she made at the 2017 College Signing Day. “We need to make going to college the event that we make so many other things. It’s got to be more important than going to NBA.”

From Michelle Obama, to your well-intentioned, but over-eager aunt, everyone recognizes the power and significance of getting a college education. One group that knows this well and is working towards a bold goal to support 1,000 girls nationwide with scholarship funding is the 1,000 Dreams Fund. The 1,000 Dreams Fund team, along with financial support from Charles Schwab, just launched an inspiring new photo challenge to help support this goal.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.56.45 PM.png

College is expensive – and we aren’t just talking about tuition. From books, to housing, to technology and school supplies, expenses add – and quick. As 1,000 Dreams points out in their #MyCollegeCosts Challenge, these expenses can keep many students from pursuing all the exciting things they wish they could do in college. So, to help 1,000 Dreams launched the #MyCollegeCosts Challenge, where they will be rewarding over $10,000 in funding to help pay for students’ college dreams!

To shine a spotlight on these critical “extra” college costs that often go un- or underfunded, 1,000 Dreams, with help from Wyng, launched a #MyCollegeCosts Photo Lab to collect Challenge entries. To enter, students need to:

  1. Upload a photo onto their campaign page
  2. Add a customized frame that shows what college costs they need funded (other than tuition).
  3. Share the photo with friends to get the word out about the Challenge and 1,000 Dreams Funds mission.

The response to the challenge has already been overwhelming positive. To date their campaign has a DCI score of 120 - a score that will definitely have them making the Dean’s List.

DCI Overview: 120

1,000 Dreams’ DCI score is a combination of an Engagement Score (ES) of 137 and Virality Score (VS) of 102. The #MyCollegeCosts Challenge has struck a nerve with their audience inspiring participation and sharing from eager students pursuing their goals. 

Check out more details below on best practices you can incorporate into your digital campaigns to increase Engagement and Virality.

Engagement Score (ES): 137

  • Connect on a personal level with your consumers. We have mentioned this a few times now, but we can’t say it enough, campaigns that aim to connect with their consumers personally see the best engagement. For the #MyCollegeCosts Challenge, students are being encouraged to upload a photo to the gallery that highlights what they personally need funding for. The call-to-action is both personal, but also empowering for anyone that may be browsing the gallery. Helping them know they aren’t alone when it comes to trying to pay for college.
  • Look at your media investment. If your campaign is performing well and your consumers are actively engaging with it, like the #MyCollegeCosts Challenge, it may be a great idea to think about increasing your media investment and promotional activities. Putting a little more investment behind your promotion is a good way to optimize your campaign to improve engagement and your virality results.

 Virality Score (VS): 102

  • Start a conversation. Consumers are more likely to share content that they feel passionate about and it just so happens education is often one of those topics. By highlighting an often-overlooked area of the costs of going to college, 1,000 Dreams encouraged their audience to stop, think, and then share their own thoughts on the issue.
  • A cause that’s worth sharing. A good cause and co-created content is a match made in digital marketing heaven. Consumers are more likely to give a donation or upload a selfie if they see someone they know doing it or have a connection to the cause. Emotion is a powerful tool to help increase a campaign’s virality potential.

To learn more about 1,000 Dreams’ #MyCollegeCosts Challenge or how you can support the work they are doing to help high school and college-age girls in the U.S afford their educations, visit here.

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