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Campaign of the Week: Fujifilm’s “Oh Canada” Photo Lab

Campaign Goals: Generate awareness for the Fujifilm Instax in Canada and encourage consumer participation

Use Case: Photo Lab

To create excitement and engagement with their customers around their Instax Oh Canada! products, Fujifilm created a Wyng Photo Lab campaign to inspire some Canadian pride. This campaign asked consumers to upload a photo and personalize it using one of Fujifilm’s preloaded custom photo frames. The brand leveraged the frames to insert the Instax branding, while also featuring a series of classic Canadian motifs. Recognizing that French is the mother tongue of about 7.3 million Canadians, Fujifilm also made the smart choice of launching the campaign in both English and French. Fujifilm made some picture-perfect decisions that any brand or agency could incorporate into their next digital campaign:

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 9.56.32 AM.png

  • Pair a new offering with a classic. By highlighting their most popular product, the FujiFilm mini 70 camera,the brand increased the likelihood that people would participate. By featuring a classic, the brand was then able to introduce consumers to their new Oh Canada Instax products. 
  • Stagger your prizes. People love prizes! A great way to ensure consumers continue to engage with your campaign is to space out the prizes across multiple days, weeks, or months. Staggering the prizes provides more opportunities for your consumers to win and will increase the likelihood that they continue to share and engage with your brand throughout the campaign.
  • Make it multilingual. The number of non-English speaking internet users continues to rise, making it essential for brands to consider a multilingual approach when developing digital campaign experiences if they want to connect with these potential customers —before the competition does. Fujifilm recognized that after English, French is the second most spoken language in Canada and built their campaign to appeal to both English and French-speaking consumers using the language capabilities available through Wyng.  
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