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Microexperience of the Week: Jarritos Says "Happy Birthday" with a Photo Hashtag Giveaway

Concept: To celebrate Jarritos’ birthday, they launched a birthday countdown photo hashtag giveaway to see how Jarritos fans will be celebrating.

Objectives: Drive traffic to Jarritos’ website and display consumer content featuring Jarritos products. Increase social engagement and activate fan base online.

DCI Score: 100

Use Case: Hashtag Contest + Countdown Calendar

JaritosBirthdays can be great. Birthdays where all you have to do is show up and get free birthday swag is are even better! For Jarritos’ birthday month, the brand is looking to celebrate by giving their fans some serious Jarritos birthday swag. And all fans have to do is show off how they are celebrating the big day.

Jarritos launched a hashtag photo contest on Instagram, running now through August 25. To enter, all fans have to do is upload a photo to Instagram of how they are celebrating Jarritos’ big day and tag the brand and use #JarritosBirthday. Along with the grand prize for the best celebration photos, Jarritos decided to pair their hashtag photo contest with a daily countdown sweepstakes, where fans can win a variety of prizes leading up to the big day.

Check out their countdown calendar and see what fans are sharing to win at their birthday celebration campaign page here.

DCI Score Overview: 100

Jarritos’ DCI score is a combination of an Engagement Score (ES) and Virality Score (VS). Incorporating both a social component and embedded content, Jarritos built a well-rounded campaign, equipped to drive both engagement and virality.

Check out more details below on best practices you can incorporate into your digital campaigns to increase Engagement and Virality.

Engagement Score

  • Keep your fans coming back. Campaigns traditionally see a surge of activity immediately after launching, but that initial enthusiasm gradually dissipates without ongoing promotion. By spreading out rewards or exclusive content, like Jarritos did by including special content and daily prizes, brands can encourage repeat visits, sharing and generate ongoing momentum for their campaign.
  • Create a sense of community around your brand. Jarritos gave their consumers the platform to share their celebrations or celebration goals, creating a mini-online birthday party for a brand with a loyal and excited community. Creating a positive space for your consumers to interact with other consumers around your product or a common goal will have your engagement rates soaring.

Virality Score

  • Build your campaign around an event. Jarritos’ campaign was built around the brands birthday, which is a great tactic for bolstering the success and visibility of a campaign, but also sharing a bit of brand history. By launching their campaign in tandem with a moment rooted in the brand’s heritage, consumers may be more likely to take interest and share.
  • Encourage sharing for multiple chances to win. A simple way to increase sharing is to reward consumers that share the campaign with another chance to win a prize. As an extension to their current campaign, Jarritos might also consider adding this component to increase the number of people sharing using their birthday hashtag.

The Jarritos team did a great job of designing a campaign that was optimized for both engagement and virality, both serving a primary goal for the brand. Leveraging multiple campaign use cases to ensure your campaign is designed for both engagement and virality can be key to success. Learn more about why here.

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