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Campaign of the Week: Joy Mangano’s Facebook Chatbot Giveaway

Concept: Promote the release of new Joy Mangano products through a three-day, Facebook Chatbot Giveaway

Objective: Encourage fans to engage with and share the Joy Mangano giveaway and Facebook content. Increase online presence for the Joy Mangano Facebook page

Use Case: Facebook Chatbot

For many of us, our first experience interacting with a chatbot was probably taunting SmarterChild on AOL Instant Messenger. The patient, but occasionally snarky chatbot was a rapid success and fast forward over 15 years and we now have chatbots popping up for everything -- from customer service requests to encouraging talks about mental health. Facebook Messenger has played a key role in the growth of chatbots over the last few years, turning the service into a powerful tool for brands to connect with consumers.

Joy Mangano, successful entrepreneur, innovator and inventorof what might be the most useful closet accessory ever, the Huggable Hangers, launched a Facebook chatbot giveaway that took full advantage of Facebook Messenger to streamline the entry process and increase their team’s ability to engage and connect with consumers.  

On Facebook, the brand posted a single post encouraging consumers to enter the #JoyCreations Giveaway for the chance to win a new prize pack worth over $450. To enter, all consumers had to do was comment, “Get Started” which prompted the Joy Mangano Facebook chatbot to send a message and share directions on how they could enter, as well as answer any questions they might have. The giveaway was live for three days, and Joy Mangano did a few things to guarantee their ephemeral Facebook chatbot campaign was a success.

  • Tap into your consumer’s FOMO (fear of missing out). Incorporating an ephemeral aspect to a campaign, whether through content or in Joy’s case via a temporary Facebook chatbot, kicks consumer’s FOMO into full effect, which often drives increased engagement and sharing. Thanks to online experiences, the possibilities are endless for brands to engage with their audiences in a way that serves up more than just a promotion or online banner ad. They are now capable of creating in-depth, personal experiences that keep consumers hooked and wanting more.
  • Go to where the action is. With over 1.2 billion monthly users, it is safe to say that most consumers are already on Facebook Messenger. As the world’s largest social network, it makes sense to develop and launch campaigns where consumers are already engaging and interacting with your brand, friends, or family. Joy Mangano took advantage of their already engaged audience on Facebook using the chatbot to build on their existing presence and reach new consumers in a way that was easy and accessible.
  • Automate your giveaway. Chatbots are an exciting development for customer service and marketers because they can respond and relieve your team of a lot of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that come with responding to consumers and managing a digital campaign. By turning over the process of addressing questions about the giveaway to their chatbot, the Joy Mangano team could focus on improving the overall consumer experience and optimizing their campaigns for the best results.

In just three days while running the Facebook chatbot giveway, the Joy Mangano team grew their Facebook following and saw their average post views nearly double, demonstrating how a thoughtful ephemeral campaign developed with the right technology can build an excited digital community around your brand.  

Savvy brands and forward-thinking agencies should take note and begin developing marketing programs that take advantage of new technologies that facilitate the process of connecting with consumers, enabling them to more effectively build and nurture their online audiences. By tapping into new resources, like Facebook chatbots, your brand will be able to connect with consumers on a new level, broadening the possibilities and results of your marketing efforts.  

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