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Microexperience of the Week: Sparkling Ice's "What the Flavor" Sweepstakes

Concept: Have fans share their best guesses at the mystery Sparkling Ice flavor via an embedded Facebook and hashtag sweepstakes.

Objective: Encourage fans to engage and share their best guesses with Sparkling Ice across social media platforms; acquire new emails to build out their CRM database.

Digital Campaign Index (DCI) Score: 125

Use Case: Sweepstakes

Sparkling Ice Sweepstakes“What the Flavor!?!” is what Sparkling Ice is asking their fans as part of their mystery flavor sweepstakes. From now until July 31st, Sparkling Ice will be collecting guesses on what the mystery flavor might be on Facebook, as well as on Instagram and Twitter using the campaign hashtag #WhatTheFlavorSweeps.

Sparkling Ice will be giving out over 450 fabulous prizes to a few lucky fans who get the mystery flavor right. The Sweepstakes will consist of ten (10) weekly drawings to award prizes plus a Grand and First Prize random drawing at the conclusion of the sweepstakes. But, don’t worry about getting things right on your first guess, Sparkling Ice is giving fans the chance to submit one entry per day for the chance to win! Check out their sweepstakes here on Facebook to learn more.

Digital Campaign Index (DCI) Overview: 125

Sparkling Ice has a DCI score of 125, and we only expect it to continue to rise as more fans submit their entries and post their guesses on Twitter and Instagram.The Engagement Score (ES) for the campaign is 251, which is exceptional.

To learn more about some general tips and recommendations that all brands can include in their campaigns to drive engagement and virality, keep reading below!

Engagement Score (ES)

  • Have a clear call to action: One of the easiest ways to encourage engagement is to provide clear, specific guidance on how to participate in the campaign. Sparkling Ice kept the directions for submitting an entry simple and their instructions for how to guess and share on social was as easy as including a hashtag. Lengthy directions or multiple calls-to-action may increase confusion preventing consumers from participating.
  • Why offer one prize, when you could offer 450. The competition for attracting your audience’s attention is stiff, offering an unbeatable prize, or in the case of Sparkling Ice, 450 chances to win, is a great way to give your brand a leg up on the competition and increase engagement with your digital campaign.

Virality Score (VS)

  • Collect submissions using a hashtag. By collecting submissions across Instagram and Twitter using only a hashtag, Sparkling Ice lowered the bar for entry, encouraging more consumers to share their submissions.
  • Embed your campaign on a social media site. Sharing a campaign should be as easy as clicking a button. By embedding their sweepstakes and entry form on Facebook, Sparkling Ice ensured that consumers could easily spread the word to all their friends, without even having to open a new website tab!

We will certainly be keeping an eye on this campaign to see what the mystery flavor might be! Be sure to make your own guess here, or on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WhatTheFlavorSweeps.

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