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Highlighted Experience: MSG Networks NY Rangers Spin to Win

MSG Networks NY Rangers Spin to Win is a simple but innovative experience that lets fans spin a wheel to win prizes. It's a fun way to interact with fans and earn their loyalty, as well as increase engagement with the platform on which it is hosted.

Who is MSG Networks

MSG Networks is a group of regional sports networks that serve the New York metropolitan area. They're owned by Madison Square Garden, L.P., which is also the owner of the New York Knicks and Rangers (hockey).

MSG Networks owns and operates regional sports networks serving the New York metropolitan area. The company's programming reaches millions of viewers every day and is also available through cable television, IPTV services such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, and online streaming at MSG GO.

The experience: Spin to win weekly prizes

You can enter the NY Rangers Spin to Win Sweepstakes from MSG Networks is a game that gives anyone a chance to win weekly prizes (one prize per week). The weekly grand prize includes signed memorabilia like hockey sticks, pucks, or balls. They also have other weekly prizes depending on the team you select.

spin to to win and share results

In addition, you can participate in the "Try Again" feature by spinning again after you've won one of the weekly prizes. This feature is limited to once per person during each sweepstakes period.  If you win a prize, it automatically changes to a form to provide your information in order to receive your prize. Pretty simple. 

Spin to win prize wheel

What's great about this experience

The MSG Networks NY Rangers Spin to Win is a great way to engage customers and drive traffic, as well as promote your brand and products.

It's simple and effective. It also appeals to consumer to share the experience with others - expanding their audience. With sports teams, it's important to regularly engage your fans - especially in an area like New York City where fans have so many options when it comes to professional sports teams to support. Online, gamified experiences are probably the best way to do this!

What should they do next?

Now that you've earned your customers' preferences, what should they do next?

  • Reward them with personalized experiences. If a fan likes to watch their team at home, send them tickets to a game. If another likes to celebrate together with friends and family, set up an in-home party complete with snacks and drinks.
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns based on information you collect from your fans' preferences. You can use this information for traditional advertising like radio commercials or billboards, but also for more creative campaigns like emoji stickers or custom Snapchat filters that match the team's colors and branding!

Conclusion - More games creates more fans

This is a great opportunity for MSG Networks to expand the game and create more fans. I think it fits in perfectly with their existing sports channels, but could also be used as a place where people can learn about other games and become familiar with them.

The way that they have done this, by putting the game on live TV and having it available online, has helped to make this kind of thing possible for everyone.

If you want to create something similar, check out our new page on sweepstakes and promotions and get started instantly with a pre-built, no-code template in Wyng. 


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