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How Dutch Bros Makes Zero-Party Data Fun

Dutch Brothers started as a small entrepreneurial outfit when two brothers, Dane and Travis Boersma, decided to ditch their old jobs and invest in a pushcart by the railroad tracks in Grants Pass Oregon, where they could sling espressos for their local community. Soon their local operation expanded to become a Northeastern coffee staple with stores across eleven states. Recently, they're success has prompted them to push into Southern states—including my home state of Texas. To go along with this interesting history, they have an amazing brand look and feel that shows up on their website and across social media.

Their drink menu has expanded, too, from espresso to a full coffee menu and, more recently, to include an energy drink called Rebel. Rebel's popularity has inspired over 40 customizable flavors, which is a crowd-pleaser for customers but can be daunting for first-time orderers. To solve for this, Dutch Brothers has created a fun personality quiz that matches customers with their perfect Rebel drink flavor. 


The Experience — Personality Quiz

Dutch Brothers has responded to a demand in the energy drink market by creating a dizzying number of fun, customizable Rebel drinks—and they've used this as an opportunity to create a light-hearted, retro-style quiz that asks customers about everything from their favorite music to their ideal travel destinations to pair them customers with their perfect drink flavor.

Now their customers can spend their time in line taking an interesting quiz and imagining their delicious drinks instead of worrying about what to order, and Dutch Brothers can collect zero party data in a fun way that helps them serve their customers better. 

What I like

I have to confess I have not tried a Rebel energy drink. Dutch Brothers only recently expanded into Texas, and there are only a few stores near me—so I've only tried the coffee once. But the quiz makes me excited about checking out the store and the drinks. 

First, I love the style and branding here. The retro video game vibe is a lot of fun and makes me feel like a kid again. And I love the idea of having something to do while I wait to order—especially if it helps me decide which flavor to choose!

What next?

I got to this quiz through social media—which I appreciated as it had the same fun, retro vibe as the quiz did. That being said, I’d like to see more channels driving users to the quiz. I saw it first while scrolling one day and then forgot about it—then later, when I wanted to take it, I couldn't find it.

I would also like to see more of the campaign oriented towards a long-term customer relationship. In other words, I'd like to see quiz questions that could help improve all future Dutch Bros visits—not just my first drink order. Could my answers to the quiz also reveal how and when I like to get my coffee—helping Dutch Brothers tailor a customer experience around my shopping habits? Could they create an app where this information could be used to send me timely and relevant coupons?

Too often, companies spend time and money creating fun quizzes that collect one data point, use it once, and then never again. This could be an opportunity to learn other pain points, needs, or desires that would help them better serve them in the future, which they could use to improve the lifetime relationship between brands and their customers 

Overall, this quiz is a fun and unique experience that definitely got me interested in customizing my own energy drink flavor—something I didn’t even know was possible until now. I am excited to see this expanded to improve every part of the customer experience.  

See you soon Dutch Bros, and I hope you are ready to make my perfect Rebel drink! 

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