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What's New at Wyng: Instagram API adds Hashtag Search

Today, Instagram announced a new Hashtag Search feature as part of the new Instagram Graph API. This follows Instagram’s announcement in April that the old Hashtag Search feature in the old Platform API would be deprecated on 12/11/2018.

Like the old search, the new search enables brands to find public content that has been tagged with a #hashtag even if the brand is not @mentioned on the original post -- so by using Wyng, brands will continue to be able to collect all public content with a #hashtag and identify all entrants in their #hashtag promotions even without using @mentions.

Wyng will continue to support Hashtag Search via the old Instagram Platform API until it is deprecated on 12/11/2018. In addition, we will soon add support for the new Hashtag Search -- stay tuned.

An important reminder, however, is that brands cannot comment on public content via the API unless the brand is @mentioned on the original post. (Instagram deprecated this feature on 4/4/2018 for all companies that use Instagram APIs, including third-party developers like Wyng, as well as brands and agencies.)

To address this, earlier this year Wyng added support for the Mentions and Comment Moderation features of new Instagram Graph API, enabling brands that use Wyng to automatically collect all Instagram content when their brand is @mentioned, and request and secure rights via comments. You can learn more about these capabilities in our platform here.

While Hashtag Search makes it possible to collect public content and identify entrants in a #hashtag promotion, encouraging people to @mention your brand as part of your campaign’s call-to-action is a recommended best practice for several reasons:

  • Unless your brand is @mentioned, you would need to manually comment via the Instagram app to request rights or communicate with entrants in a promotion.
  • Data shows that when people @mention a brand they are more likely to approve the brand’s rights request.
  • @mentions lead to a more clear, 1:1 experience -- when people @mention your brand, it is clear they are communicating with you, and they are more likely to expect a response.

As always, Wyng will continue to stay up to date on our platform partners' APIs, and continue innovating new ways to engage customers.

(One minor note in closing: unlike the old search, the new Hashtag Search removes “username” from fields returned via the API to ensure privacy and security. This has no impact on the use cases supported by Wyng and described in this post.)


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