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Campaign of the Week: LG’s “This is Real” Photo Lab

Concept: Launch a digital campaign in conjunction with the LG “This is Real” campaign

Objective: Highlight and celebrate promises made by their consumers to stay true to themselves and give them the chance to win the new LG V30

Digital Campaign Index (DCI) Score: 36

Use Case: Photo Lab

LG this is real compaign.pngIn the age of Facetune, perfectly crafted tweets, and staged micro-moments, it can often feel like people’s lives are all perfection and expertly filtered photos of avocado toast. But behind the filters and the well-planned captions, most people’s realities are very different, and LG is looking to pull back the curtain and shine a spotlight on those everyday “real” moments in their “This is Real” campaign, developed with their agency partner Huge, to support the launch of the new LG V30 smartphone.

To drum up hype around the launch of its V30 smartphone, the brand launched “This is Real,” a new digital campaign that encourages people to share both their inspiring and uninspiring everyday moments. For brands, and the agencies working with them, authenticity has never mattered more when it comes to winning over and keeping consumers, and LG’s “This is Real” campaign is a great example of how to highlight and support real people authentically, without making it look like a gimmick. LG is collecting video and social media content from their consumers about how they are making a commitment to live more authentically, both on and offline. To collect and display the content of real people doing, achieving and overcoming amazing things, LG launched an online Photo Lab, where consumers can upload photos of themselves and select custom frames that display what they promise to do, whether it be “remain confident” or “be real 100.”

Launched ahead of the release of the LG V30 during Black Friday and Cyber Week, LG’s “This is Real” campaign isn’t your standard user-generated content – with eye catching photo frames, a solid message and concept crafted by LG’s and Huge's digitally-savvy creative teams and a streamlined platform for hosting their content, LG is in 2020 with their approach to UGC and how it can be used on social media, in ad campaigns, and to support a product launch. Just check out their ad spot to see how they used real people to create their video ad for the LG V30 here.

LG’s campaign has already brought in over 200,000 visitors and we expect to see their campaign’s DCI score of 36 continue to rise as more co-created content is added to their gallery and shared across social media.

DCI Score Overview: 36

LG’s “This is Real” campaign’s DCI score is a combination of an Engagement Score (ES) of 37 and Virality Score (VS) of 34. Their campaign is benefiting from easy photo upload capabilities, a timely call-to-action and substantial social media support and extensions.

Check out more details below on best practices you can incorporate into your digital campaigns to increase Engagement and Virality.

Engagement Score (ES): 37

  • Frame your campaign — LG used unique frames that consumers could upload over their own photos with messages tied to the campaign’s core message of “keeping it real.” Including eye catching frames with the LG logo and the campaign’s messaging increases the likelihood that anyone who saw the pictures on social would also then engage with LG by either uploading their own photo or liking/sharing a photo of a friend/family member who did.
  • Tap into a moment. LG made a bold move with their “This is Real” campaign by rallying against the nonstop FOMO and fictional content that is being uploaded across social, tapping into a moment that many consumers are drawn to – a search for authenticity and truth online, but also in their everyday lives. By giving consumers the chance to interact or showcase how they want to live authentically, LG tapped into a moment that their consumers want to engage in.

 Virality Score (VS): 34

  • Let your consumers do the creating and sharing. LG didn’t need to produce expensive new content or hire actors to promote the launch of their new smartphone, instead, the brand turned to their consumers who are already online creating, sharing and acting as unofficial brand ambassadors every time they snap a photo or upload a video.
  • Hype, hype, hype. As part of their promotion, LG has been tweeting and sharing UGC from their “This is Real” campaign. Everyone wants to feel special and brands can easily encourage their consumers to share more by offering the opportunity for their content to be featured on a brand page or in promotional materials, especially video or ad spots. Who doesn’t want to feel like a star for a second?

LG took a simple, but highly relevant truth and crafted an engaging and shareable campaign that was of the moment and appealed to their consumers wants – to live a more authentic life, one not steeped in filters, FOMO, and staged #TBTs.

Learn more about how you can launch your own Photo Lab campaign here.

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