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New Experience and Component: Reveal-ed!

I have a special announcement for you today.  I, Jacob at Wyng, am a real person. I was starting to doubt myself a bit after spending a bit too long making graphics on Midjourney, but my kids made sure that I remembered.

In another major reveal, we are announcing our newest Experience component - Reveal! And it is now available for ALL Wyng Customers!

Reveal is all about adding an element of chance and interactivity to your experiences. Today, we have two main ways to interact with it (Spinning Wheels and Scratch Offs), but we will have more in the future. Let me give you a brief overview.

For our customers, you can sign up for a free training event next Friday, October 7th. 

What is Reveal?

Spin to win

The Reveal component simplifies building gamified experiences and consists of three main parts:

  1. The “pre-reveal” is configurable interactive content, for example, a gaming interaction like Spin-to-Win, Calendar, or Scratch Off.
  2. The interaction via a click or scratching “reveals” a reward of some kind. 
  3. The reward can be random, custom, or linked to the user ID somehow for tracking the effectiveness of the experience. 

For Wyng customers, this is included for free in your current subscription, and includes four new templates in our Experience Studio as well as new basic building blocks in our component menu. 

How it works

The Reveal component initially displays some configurable interactive content, e.g., a gaming interaction like a Spin-to-Win or Scratch Off.  After a user interacts with it, the component reveals one of a set of outcomes, either randomly or determined by the user action.  . 

You can use the same outcomes for multiple sectors if you have repeat outcomes/prizes in your graphic or game.

There are three modes for selecting outcomes: 

  1. Random selection: Set a probability for each outcome in your settings corresponding to the game graphic you created.
  2. Custom selection:  For custom Pre-Reveal experiences, a specific outcome can be selected by a SDK function call. 
  3. Linked reward:  This setting allows you to allocate unique coupon codes to each participant. This can include "try again" or "failed" as well. 

After an outcome is selected, and the Pre-Reveal interaction or animation is complete, the outcome content is displayed.  The outcome content can either replace the interactive content or be displayed just below the interactive content .  The Reveal component includes basic participation limit logic so that people cannot constantly repeat it or repeat it more than once if that is desired

Get Started Today

The best way to start with Reveal is to grab one of the four new Templates in our Experience Studio and add your own images and rewards to it! With the right graphics, in a few minutes you can build your own.  We suggest a graphic size of 600x600 for the wheels and scratch off components.

Good luck and share any designs you like with us!

Reminder - sign up for the free training!


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