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New from Wyng: Email Identity Verification, Flex Grid & More

We recently released several powerful features that are now available to Wyng Microexperiences users and users of the new Wyng Platform:

  • Email Identity Verification: Ensure that every email you collect is for a valid, monitored inbox — eliminate fake signups and invalid email addresses!
  • Flex Grid Component: Create beautiful experiences based on user-generated, influencer, and/or brand content -- and, optionally, make the content shoppable.
  • User Activity Log: Account admins can now see a log of actions taken by users in the platform — modifying microexperiences, accessing sensitive data, and more.

Email Identity Verification

Now more than ever, brands are investing in building “owned audiences” based on direct relationships with identified consumers. And for many brands, a relationship starts when a consumer enters their email address into a form and opts-in to receive future communications.

Fake signups and invalid emails, however, are a common problem — when someone intentionally submits a bogus email or accidentally makes a typo, the email address is worthless.

Now there’s a solution! Using our new Email Identity Verification feature, you can automatically verify that every email you collect is for a valid, monitored inbox. Here’s how it works:

You have the option of enabling the feature on any Wyng form as part of any microexperience — new-to-file gated coupons, conversational opt-ins, guided shopping quizzes and any others. Moreover, brands can also use the feature to enable a double opt-in process in order to satisfy regulations in a specific country in which they operate.

After you enable the feature on a form, the your metrics dashboard will include metrics for each step in the user experience:

  • Number of users who fill out the form;
  • Number of attempts to enter a verification code;
  • Number of incorrect verification codes entered;
  • Number of successful submissions.

Learn more about Email Identity Verification in our help center.

Flex Grid Component

Our new Flex Grid Component makes it even easier to create beautiful experiences based on UGC, influencer content, and/or brand content.

Choose from multiple display formats — like carousels, spotlights or galleries — and configure the design, styling and behavior of your displays. And for e-commerce sites, use our conversion units feature to make the content shoppable.

Carousel Spotlight
UGC Carousel UGC Spotlight
Gallery Conversion Units
UGC Gallery Shoppable UGC

Learn more about the Flex Grid Component in our help center.

User Activity Log

Many of our customers have hundreds of internal users around the world — often involving dozens of users within individual properties, and multiple editors working on the same microexperience. A common request we receive from these customers is to provide a log of user activity so that they can track actions that users take, like creating or modifying an experience.

We’re happy to announce just that: our new User Activity Log feature.

Admins can now see an audit log of key actions taken by users within a property — including actions like create experience, modify experience, publish experience, and invite user. Each log entry captures the user, action, microexperience, time, and other details.

Learn more about the User Activity Log in our help center.

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