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Campaign of the Week: Fujifilm’s “Oh Canada” Photo Lab

By | on 09, Jun 2017 |   Campaign of the Week Digital campaign Wyng for Brands

Campaign Goals: Generate awareness for the Fujifilm Instax in Canada and encourage consumer participation

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Oculus Rift:How to Run a Seven-Day Campaign

By | on 02, May 2017 |   Digital campaign

Oculus Rift, Facebook's virtual reality division, has delivered the most terrifying experience short of being trapped in an actual insane asylum: "Wilson's Heart," a game that uses the brand's headset[...]

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Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings Teams up with Wyng for “30 Day Vinyl Giveaway” Campaign

By | on 28, Apr 2017 |   Announcements Digital campaign Wyng announcement

Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings launched its “30 Day Vinyl Giveaway” campaign creating a new kind of symbiotic relationship between brands and consumers. Sony is giving fans exactly what they want — so[...]