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Why I Love Wyng: Jack Gibbs

By | on 22, Dec 2017 |   Why I Love Wyng Employee Spotlight

Jack has been at Wyng for nearly 5 years and is key adviser to our enterprise CPG and agency partners on promotional solutions and strategies. He was also at one point in an ongoing battle for the top[...]

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Why I Joined Wyng: Bridget Duffey

By | on 06, Nov 2017 |   Employee Spotlight

Bridget joined Wyng in August after working for several years in various positions in social marketing, martech, and edtech. When Bridget isn't helping our customers discover new opportunities and cap[...]

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Why I Love Wyng: Emily Duke

By | on 24, Oct 2017 |   Employee Spotlight

Emily has been at Wyng for 3 years and managed 200+ agency partnerships. She is passionate about how agencies can monetize their relationship with Wyng and is our office's resident comedian (seriously[...]

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Why I Love Wyng: Catherine Reyes

By | on 28, Aug 2017 |   Employee Spotlight

Name: Catherine Reyes

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Why I Love Wyng: Rob Lum

By | on 04, Apr 2017 |   Employee Spotlight

Name: Rob Lum

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Why I Love Wyng: Vikash Kothari

By | on 13, Feb 2017 |   Employee Spotlight

Name: Vikash Kothari

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Why I Joined Wyng: Lindsay Bodnar, CSM

By | on 12, Jan 2017 |   Employee Spotlight Why I Joined Wyng #WynginIt

Name: Lindsay Bodnar

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