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Data, Diversity and Creativity Aren’t Just Buzzwords Anymore: 5 Key Takeaways from Advertising Week for Marketers

By | on 04, Oct 2017 |   Industry News Wyng for Agencies Wyng for Brands

Advertising Week is an annual event hosted by AdWeek, featuring over 200 conference sessions and events during the week. Trying to distill all of that content into a few neat little categories is a tr[...]

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Wendell Lansford on What Apple’s New iPhone 8 and iPhone X Capabilities Mean for Brands and Marketers

By | on 13, Sep 2017 |   Industry News Wyng for Brands

Brands and Marketers take notice – with the unveiling of the new iPhone X and iPhone 8, UGC and how brands reach consumers is going to reach new heights.

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PRWeek’s Hall of Femme Honors Trailblazing Women in Communications

By | on 05, Jun 2017 |   Industry News Wyng for Agencies

It is 2017, and the gender wage and opportunity gap remains a major topic of discussion. Workplace inequality was an oft discussed topic at PR Week’s Hall of Femme event, that I had the pleasure of at[...]

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Campaign of the Week: Ashley Stewart #SheDidThat

By | on 31, Mar 2017 |   Campaign of the Week Digital Marketing Industry News

Campaign Goals: Drive engagement and brand affinity by encouraging consumers to upload and personalize content

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Campaign of the Week: Maybelline Dream Cushion Launch Sweepstakes

By | on 10, Feb 2017 |   Campaign of the Week Industry News

Campaign Goals: Acquire email addresses, acquire new customers

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Campaign of the Week: Febreze's #OdorOdes

By | on 03, Feb 2017 |   Campaign of the Week Febreze fillintheblank Industry News

Campaign Goals: Generate buzz for the #OdorOdes and inspire consumer participation

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Women’s March Campaign #WhyIMarch

By | on 20, Jan 2017 |   Campaigns Industry News Why I March Women of Wyng Women's March

The day after the election, Teresa Shook invited 40 of her friends on Facebook to march on Washington to show their support for women. Other friends, friends of friends, and strangers joined the call [...]

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Do millennials like your Snapchat or Instagram ads better?

By | on 02, Nov 2016 |   Advertisements Industry News Instagram Snapchat Social Media Social Platform

As marketers, we know that both sponsored and organic social posts are important, and can serve as an effective way to reach consumers. But with so many channels to choose from, how do you know which [...]

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Beauty Brands & Digital Marketing: A Perfect Match

By | on 08, Jan 2016 |   Industry News

A recent article from Business of Fashion detailed how a lot of beauty brands are moving away from traditional advertising and increasingly adopting more modern techniques. Their new strategies range [...]