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Wyng and the Zero-Party Data Formula

This is the third in a series of blogs on the value of zero-party data, and why brands are methodically converting their unknown audiences into known contacts — and their formula for success. Click to read our first and second blog posts in the series HERE and HERE

Wyng specializes in providing technology to help brands collect and activate zero-party data at scale.

Using the Wyng platform, non-technical users at brands and agencies can quickly and easily create one-of-a-kind, mobile-first digital experiences, called “microexperiences”, designed to engage consumers and ask them questions via interactive visual elements and forms. Microexperiences can be embedded on an existing brand.com website or mobile app (it’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video), or published with a single click as a landing page or microsite hosted by Wyng.

With Wyng, brands have myriad ways to engage consumers with fun, entertaining, interactive and informative experiences – and by creating a variety of microexperiences over time, brands can facilitate highly-relevant, ongoing conversations with consumers. Each microexperience provides an opportunity to learn something about the individuals participating.

The data that consumers self-report and freely share with a brand while participating in microexperiences is securely collected by the Wyng platform on behalf of the brand. Wyng automatically joins the contact information collected from an individual (e.g. email address, phone number and/or social profile) with the other data collected from the same individual (preferences, interests, etc.).

High conversion rates depend on consumers getting value in exchange for participation, and the Wyng platform has a variety of powerful, built-in features that streamline and/or automate the value delivered to consumers through:

  • Entertaining, fun, or gamified experiencespasted image 0
  • Access to exclusive content or offers
  • Educational content or learning experiences
  • Product configurators, and personalized recommendations
  • Offers and promotions including sampling programs, coupons, promo codes, sweepstakes, and other incentives or rewards
  • Opportunities to be featured by the brand — e.g. user generated content (UGC) on a brand’s website.

A Digital Campaign Index analysis of thousands of microexperiences deployed in 2018 revealed an average conversion rate of 57% for promotional use cases — specifically, sampling programs, sweepstakes and giveaways.

Conversion rates are also influenced, in part, by the transparency and trust that comes from direct engagement with the brand. Wyng enables brands to clearly communicate how they will use the information they collect from consumers, and get informed consent from each participant in accordance with GDPR and CCPA.

Download the full eBook now for examples and idea starters from brands who are leveraging Wyng and our Zero-Party Data formula. 

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