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Zero-Party Data Highlight: Webflow

Webflow provides a up and coming and popular new online visual editor platform allows users to design, build, and launch websites. While hosting a small share of sites today, they are popular lately due to their ease of use for anyone to create highly configurable and adjustable sites without any coding ability. 

They have an amazing onboarding quiz that we will be dissecting today.

The Experience

Webflow has a free trial program that lets you build your first website for free - with a limited amount of traffic and data service. All they ask in return is for a few pieces of information. 


Sign on with Google

It’s definitely great marketing here to offer the simplest possible sign-in process using Google. 

A nice start - asking my name!

A nice, personal touch that also drives personalization. Using someone’s first name in communications is known to generate incredible results in terms of engagement and conversion. 


why are you here?

This information is critical to their business and especially how they plan to price and service your account. It’s ok to occasionally mix in questions that help you more than the customer, but try not to do it too much. 

how big is your company?

This is probably data to help route me as a lead to the right person on their sales team.  Again, not really helpful to me. It’s also something that can be easily looked up from LinkedIn if needed. 

How familiar are you with web design?

Ahh. This is a great question!  If they know how proficient I am, they likely know what to send me as far as nurturing content to help me ramp up my web design skills and also how to handle me in Support issues. This is a great example of a zero-party data “preference” that is highly specific and relevant. 

what do you want to build?

Even better question!  “Goals” should be a ZPD category all it’s own. It’s perhaps the second-most important thing that a customer and a brand have in common - after “needs.” What do I want to build could be considered a need as well. 

What I Like

The timing and design of the experience are impeccable. The value exchange is clear - give us a bit of information and you get a free trial!  And hopefully, this information helps us make the trial a bit better. 

It’s a great decision for their growth trajectory as well. Webflow is a Product Led Growth company, and therefore trial users are the lifeblood of their business. Helping these trial users become successful, paying customers is how their business will grow and expand. Also, customers who succeed quickly will be more likely to tell friends and colleagues about this new platform. It also leads to more positive reviews - which are critical to new software buyers. 


What next?

Full confession, I am a trial user of Webflow.  I have not seen a single instance of my valuable zero-party data being used. It’s unfortunate because there was a lot of potential in how my data could be used in a variety of ways:

  • Automate the guides and walkthroughs for the product
  • Send me more targeted marketing emails
  • Enable salespeople to tailor their outreach
  • Send me related or community content from my peers

But none of that happened.  Hit me up anyone from Webflow if you read this!  I have ideas!


I really like this onboarding quiz - and I think every software company should have one. However, (this feels like a theme) the data you collect is only valuable if you use it. I am also wondering if my answers to the two questions about company size and site type would have gotten a bit more attention and personalization.  Either way, this is a fantastic idea that only needs a couple of tweaks to be really powerful. 

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