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Wyng Privacy and Data Security Hub



At Wyng, our core value is to provide marketing solutions to our customers -- and in doing so, we take our customers’ needs for consumer privacy and data security seriously. We are focused on helping our customers connect with consumers in meaningful ways while protecting consumer privacy, securing consumer data, and complying with the latest government regulations.


From time to time we receive questions about privacy and data security. This Hub is a central resource where you can find current and detailed information on what Wyng is doing with respect to privacy and data security -- from new product capabilities and security enhancements to legal documentation updates.



GDPR Compliance

Getting Ready for GDPR with Wyng
Information on GDPR, requirements under GDPR, and what we are doing at Wyng to help our customers comply with GDPR.

Data Processing Addendum
Our Data Processing Addendum with standard contractual clauses.

SOC 2 Certified Security

Wyng is certified SOC 2 Type I compliant. SOC 2 standards are established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and address comprehensive information and data security controls. Certification is only awarded to organizations that prove their operations are up to the AICPA standards.

To learn more about the role Wyng plays with respect to consumer data, the types of data brands collect with Wyng, and how the data is secured, see the Wyng Data & Security Primer

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Your Competitive Advantage

We take privacy and data security seriously at Wyng and comply with current data protection laws. We have spent the last year preparing for GDPR and other data security policies by improving our platform, operations and processes in order to help our customers meet their obligations under these regulations. Privacy and data security are central to the Wyng Process for building and launching campaigns. 



A Dedicated Privacy and Data Security Team

Brands use Wyng campaigns to engage with consumers in meaningful, authentic ways, and our team takes your brand and your consumer's privacy and security seriously.

Wendell Lansford

Wendell Lansford



Prakash Mishra

Co-Founder and CTO


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Director of Customer Support

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