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Case Study

LEVO Oil Doubles Engagement

How Levo Doubled Engagement

LĒVO Oil, an online retailer of herbal infusion products and recipes, was able to double their website engagement rate and increase conversion 30% in the first month of implementing privacy-first personalization with Wyng.

LĒVO faces a common challenge of online retailers today. The current marketing strategy of targeting audiences online via third-party data and directing them to specific products and services via landing pages has become simultaneously less effective and more expensive in an increasingly privacy-first world. They need to quickly engage any anonymous visitors with relevant products and helpful content using only zero- and first-party data

Using the Wyng platform and services team, LEVO built and deployed preference-based, privacy-first personalization for anonymous and known website visitors. The initial project involved multiple interactive experiences, a customer preference center, and integrating zero-party data with LĒVO’s existing email and SMS technologies – all in less than 60 days from the initial meeting.

Through these helpful, frictionless experiences, LĒVO has been able to establish relationships with over 1500 new customers per week. Read on to discover what LĒVO did and how they built it with Wyng.

Multiple Interactive Experiences-3
Customer Preference Center
Integrate ZPD-1
152% increase in clicks
Over 1500 new customer profiles per week
29% Higher Conversion

Reaching customers is harder than ever with the changes in data privacy norms. We knew personalization with Wyng would be powerful, but we were blown away to see how much engagement and conversion increased immediately after launching just a few personalized experiences.”

Christina Bellman CEO-1
Christina Bellman, CEO of LEVO

LĒVO is taking the confusion out of infusion. Their unique technology and appliances allow people to create butters and oils that harness the full benefits and flavor of herbs without the mess of DIY or the processing and additives of store-bought products. In addition to their patented infusion machine, they also sell recipe kits, cookbooks, accessories, and merchandise for a wide range of needs to people of all demographics: chefs, small businesses, home health and beauty enthusiasts, and passionate cannabis users. They have over 800 retail distribution partners, but the bulk of their revenue comes from their Shopify-based website.

As this new technology and the community around it continues to grow rapidly, there is a lot of opportunity to expand into new markets around the many new uses for herbal infusion with people of all ages. To reach the next phase of growth, they needed to make the experience of a wide variety of different people more rewarding, relevant, and trustworthy.

Oil placeholder Image Tall

LEVO had achieved steady traffic and good growth thanks to years of building a strong brand while creating the oil infusion appliance market. However, traditional marketing that relies on third-party data, targeting, and landing pages had become increasingly complex, expensive, and ineffective. Engaging with their diverse audience of users required a new level of personalization that is preference-based, privacy-first, and instantaneous. LĒVO needed to increase conversion with existing traffic on their site by learning their preferences, creating value right away, and delivering relevant product recommendations all while building trust and loyalty. 

“Implementing preference-based personalization was a new idea for us, and Wyng made it extremely easy through their flexible platform and services. In fact, the site quite literally became a personalized experience OVERNIGHT!” said CEO Christina Bellman.  LĒVO and Wyng partnered on a comprehensive strategy to implement zero-party data and personalization across LĒVO’s business.

Define the overall strategy and ideal customer data model

First, LĒVO worked with Wyng Services to build a zero-party data strategy that aligns with their business goals to acquire more new customers with a wider variety of uses for their product. That resulted in a data model that aligns these business goals with customer preferences to help identify which data the LEVO experiences should ask for.

Creating this model involves identifying areas to improve the customer experience by understanding their preferences and context.  The equation used by Wyng for this is to identify a relevant moment for the customer, think about what data is needed to help in that moment, come up with something valuable the brand can offer, and then design the minimum possible experience necessary to exchange that value for zero-party data.

Preference Center Animation

The team decided to start with two key preferences:

  • Recipe Type: Gummies, Edibles, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dessert, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Basics, and Beauty
  • Batch Size: Personal, small, shareable, or large

The reason these were the best preferences is because they would be easy for most visitors to answer and they correspond to recipe and content categories that LEVO already had. This means it would be easy for LEVO to create value for the customer by eliminating extraneous information and simplifying browsing by getting them to products relevant to their preferences or needs in the fewest possible clicks. With personalization based on zero-party data, the best answers are usually the simplest ones.


Start with simple, valuable collection experiences

Zero-party data is incredibly valuable, so careful thought needs to be put into how you can earn it from each customer. LĒVO and Wyng created innovative new types of data collection experiences that are as simple and helpful as possible for customers. If sharing preferences is very easy and people understand the value they get out of it immediately, then they are much more likely to engage. Wyng and LĒVO built two different types of microexperiences to collect preferences and offer instant value.

Oil placeholder image 2-1
Contextual Preferences animation

Contextual Preferences

Contextual Preferences are clickable links or buttons that are designed to convert context into preference. In other words, if you are looking at a category of products, a Contextual Preference provides a way to add this to your profile for immediate and future personalization.  In this case, LEVO is asking for preferences around recipe types (dessert, vegan, dinner, drinks, etc.) in order to make more relevant product recommendations.

Next Best Questions

Next Best Questions are simple embedded or popup experiences that mimic the in-store experience of a knowledgeable clerk asking you what problem you are trying to solve. In exchange for answering one multiple choice question, value is instantly created for the customer via a coupon code, relevant content, or recommended product. These single-click experiences offer simple value and are extremely flexible and engaging through the use of pictures and clear language.

Next Best Question - Update

Synergy through progressive experiences

The best part of these different experiences is that although they are individually simple and low effort, together they enable relevant experiences for a wide variety of people. With just 2 or 3 customer preferences, LĒVO can provide the most relevant offers for dozens of different customer segments. Enabling the website to personalize with very little effort for many types of people means that the LEVO site becomes much more likely to convert customers.

Activating customer preferences

Finally, LEVO built a final experiences to activate the customer preferences through personalized product recommendations that are delivered to anonymous or known visitors after they have completed one of the above experiences. These tailored recommendations get 5x higher engagement than other product highlights because visitors can see they are based on their recorded preferences. In addition, these experiences provide access to the customer preference portal where users can manage the data they share with LEVO.


Help me help you: Customer preference portals

Data that is collected through Wyng microexperiences is instantly used to create a profile, and over time builds a comprehensive view of what the customer wants.
LEVO_PreferenceCenter 1-1

Once a customer decides to sign up with an email or SMS, the customer profile is made available to them in a branded portal as part of the “My Account” section of the site. A customer preference portal serves as a central hub for all the data the customer has shared with LĒVO, and it is controlled by the customer. This transparency and control builds trust and makes it more likely that a customer will share additional data in the future.  

Product Recommendation

In the future, the preference portal will be integrated with other systems, like communication preferences, purchase history, account management, and loyalty programs to save a customer time and empower them to control their entire experience with a brand from one secure portal.

Integrate, activate, and personalize future messages

Once a customer has declared a preference to a brand, they expect that knowledge to persist and power personalization in all future interactions. So LĒVO also wanted to use any preferences gathered through Wyng microexperiences to help personalize and segment messages through email or SMS. 

The flexible, API-first Wyng platform made it easy to integrate with 3 key platforms right away.

Integrate ZPD-1

In just the first month of implementation, engagement on pages that include Wyng experiences has more than doubled and conversion rate of visitors has increased by 29%.

Through these helpful, low friction microexperiences, they were able to establish trusted relationships over 1500 new customers through privacy-first personalization.

Results - Stat 4-1
Results - Stat 1-1
Results - Stat 2-1
Results - Stat 3-1

This is just the beginning of the personalization journey for LEVO with Wyng. LĒVO plans to leverage this partnership in new and innovative ways:

  • Build a community that leverages UGC to create social validation and foster trust.
  • Implement more preferences and add additional details to their customer profiles and data model.
  • Create a guided shopping quiz.
  • Leverage more content and recipe recommendations throughout the customer journeys.

LĒVO is like most companies that are thinking of new and different ways to make online experiences more rewarding, relevant and trustworthy. Fulfilling this vision is not a single, short effort. It is an iterative, progressive journey where you learn how to collect and use one or two preferences at a time and then move on to the next. Stay tuned for the next step in this journey with LĒVO and Wyng!

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